Some phrases we love & stand by:

"it's about the process, not the product"

"when everyone is included, everyone wins"

"it is okay to be in a place of questioning"

"make mistakes - it's a part of the journey"

"everyone deserves a chance"

"be unapologetically you"

"we are a part of all that we have met"

"in every community there is work to be done"

"a new angle or perspective is the key to growth"

"you never stop progressing and moving forward"

"dance like nobody's watching"

"movement connects us all"

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Creative Crunch

An exciting and intense collaborative dance creation for movers (dancers) culminating in a 30 - 45 minute dance presentation.

Main Stage

A compelling program of original large scale works between 15 - 22 minutes in length.

In The Works

A program of new movement ideas and experiments between 5 - 7 minutes in length with built in peer-to-peer exchanges/discussions.

Movement Workshops

A series of 2hr workshops designed to provide space to practice facilitating or teaching dance and other movement forms.

Discussion Series

A series of 1-2hr facilitated discussions and exchanges in response to unique or urgent topics impacting the dance community.

Features In Motion

A screening of stimulating short movement films no longer than 20 minutes each, highlighting the physical body in motion.

Starting Point

A fun, inspiring program developed to showcase the next generation of youth performers in works up to 7 minutes in length.

Inclusivity Statement
We are committed to inclusive selection processes and environments for our events. We encourage submissions from artists across all cultures, backgrounds, and abilities, with specific attention to equity seeking communities.

Emerging Artist Definition
How do we define an emerging artist? Simply, we don’t! If the term emerging artist in any way resonates with you, then welcome aboard! We have had artists as old as 81 and as young as 12 be a part of our festival. The possibilities are endless. We let you self-identify.

Discrimination & Harassment Policy
We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on age, ancestry, citizenship, religion, colour, disability, ethnic origin, family status, gender identity, marital status, sex, place of origin, level of movement ability, political affiliation, race, record of offences, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics.

Accessibility Statement
Unfortunately, our venue for this year's festival is not wheelchair accessible. We are working towards finding a large accessible venue that suits our needs and budget for our future. For events moving forward (past 2020), we will be striving to engage with accessibility from the ground up; hoping to build upon progress we make year after year.

Please advise us if you require alternative formats of any information listed on our website or need to submit an application in an alternative format. We are committed to working with you the best we can with the resources available!

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