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For Independent Dance Artists/Producers

Generator TO

Facilitated by Kristina Lemieux

Monday, June 4th 2018
2:00pm - 4:00pm

FREE with an All-Access Festival Pass
(No pre-registration required)

Come get a tour of Generator's online tool Learn what kinds of content is on the website and how to interact with it. Also learn the key competencies an artist should have to be able to produce their own work!

Please Note: It is recommended to have a journal and pen with you to write notes

GENERATOR is a mentoring, teaching, and innovation incubator that empowers independent artists, producers and leaders. The greatest resource independent artists can afford is themselves. By helping artists build their own capacity and skills, we give them the ability to create, produce and be paid for their work, while supporting a healthy independent performance sector.

Kristina Lemieux (she/her) is an accomplished arts leader with more than 20 years of experience, and contemporary dancer. A recent transplant to Toronto, Kristina is the Executive Director of Generator. Her work focuses on increasing the skills and competencies of independent performing artists around producing their own work. Kristina in a tenth generation settler on her paternal side, from France, and a first generation settler on her maternal side, from Netherlands.

|   Optimizing Dance Performance   |

Healthy Dancer Canada

Facilitated by Andrea Downie, Nicole Hamilton, and Kiah Brubacher-Cressman

Monday, June 4th 2018
4:00pm - 6:00pm

FREE with an All-Access Festival Pass
(No pre-registration required)

Through movement and discussion, this workshop for dancers and teachers will look at the many physical and psychological tools available to help dancers optimize dance performance in the studio and on the stage. Topics include physical preparation and readiness, injury prevention and management, and psychological aspects of training and performance that contribute to dance excellence.

Please Note: It is recommended to have a journal and pen with you to write notes

Healthy Dancer Canada (HDC) is dedicated to promoting dancer health and wellness, optimizing dance performance, understanding and addressing the unique challenges facing the dance community, and creating a culture of healthy dance practice in Canada. Serving the Canadian dance community for a decade, HDC is a leader in facilitating communication and collaboration among dancers, dance educators and health professionals. Facilitators dance educator Andrea Downie (MA), counsellor Nicole Hamilton (AWCCA), and physiotherapist Kiah Brubacher-Cressman (MScPT) bring broad experience and perspective to the many facets of enhancing the health, well-being and performance of dancers.

|   Networking in the Arts   |

Samyuktha Punthambekar

How to make a lasting impression!

Saturday, June 9th 2018
11:00am - 1:00pm

FREE with an All-Access Festival Pass
(No pre-registration required)

The Arts is all about making connections. Often a job or gig is secured with your initial meeting. In this workshop, I aim to provide you with tips, tricks and insights on how to make that lasting impression!

Please Note: It is recommended to have a journal and pen with you to write notes

Samyuktha Punthambekar is a Bharathanatyam dancer, arts educator and arts administrator. Samyuktha won the Volunteer Award for Arts and Culture Toronto award in 2016 for her outstanding volunteering contributions. As an arts administrator, she has worked for Dancer Transition Resource Center, Sunny Artist Management, Toronto Arts Foundation, lbs/sq” performance and Tapestry Opera. As an arts educator, she has conducted workshops and also is a resident arts educator for TDSB, continues to teach at the Peel School Regions and conduct workshops for MonstrARTity, Paprika and other festivals.

Samyuktha has graduated with Honours from Humber College's Arts Administration and Cultural Management program. She received the OAC's grant for her studies at Humber and also won the Dean's Award, Jerry Smith Scholarship as well as a Best Student Nomination for the program in 2016/17. She has sat on grant juries for many arts councils. Her interview article ‘Breathing Fresh Air’ was published on Dance Current’s online magazine. Most recently, she has been featured on Humber’s Alumni Success Stories and NOW Magazine. She also obtained the Effective Fundraising and Leadership in Arts and Culture certificate from The University of Leeds. Currently, Samyuktha is shadowing Shannon Litzenberger as part of the OAC’s Compass Grant. She is working as an Associate for LeSage Arts Management. Samyuktha is delighted to have received Theatre Ontario’s PPTP and OAC grant to work as an Arts Management Intern for Mitchell Marcus and The Musical Stage Company.

Sam continues to be deeply invested by acquiring more knowledge and gaining professional development as an emerging arts leader.

Please Note: A waiver form must be signed before entering each workshop. Please arrive at least 10 Minutes prior to the start of the workshop. Late comers will not be allowed to enter. During each workshop there will be photography and videography services for archival and marketing/branding purposes. These workshops are only for people who have a valid All-Access - Festival Pass. You will not be allowed to participate without one!

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